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Why Texas?

I moved to Las Vegas in 1995 for an opportunity to start and build a business.  I was successful in building that business, met my wife and we started a family together.  I sold the original business and started a helicopter company that was also very successful. The companies that I built required a great deal of my time and attention to run.

On August 10, 2006 my youngest daughter was born. We were told that she had a zero percent chance of survival.  The hospital refused to fly her to Arizona, which is where the only life support system was located that could keep my daughter alive (ECMO).  The hospital staff in Las Vegas said that my daughter would not survive the flight and told us to say goodbye.  I called a good friend who was the Chief Pilot for the air ambulance company in Arizona.  (Mitch Mignano)  He made arrangements to have a mobile neo-natal ICU flown into Las Vegas and we transported my daughter to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona.  Through the use of the ECMO machine and a very skilled medical staff, St. Joseph’s Hospital was able to save my daughter’s life; she is a healthy thirteen year old girl today, attending Church Hill Middle School. 

While my daughter was lying in that hospital bed I promised God that I would change my life priorities and put my family first.  Selling the company and moving my family out of Las Vegas was part of honoring my promise.  My wife and I spent a year researching the “best place to live in America”, we decided that Comal County was the best place for us, and we were right.  The Hoffman elementary school was part of our decision and they did not disappoint us, what a great staff! We still have three children in school, one at Church Hill, one at Canyon High and one at Texas A&M.  Oakwood  Baptist  Church has also been a huge influence on our lives.  My daughter, Calli, met her husband at one of the church services, my wife and her sister have volunteered for the Mark 9 program (Special needs ministry) and I am currently part of the law enforcement security team at Oakwood Church.

Texas has been very good to me and my family.  We love our community, or friends, our church and our schools.  We are all proud to be in Texas.   I have lived a very blessed life.  I have a great family and they are very supportive of my passion for law enforcement. 

As a background investigator myself I understand the importance of really knowing the person that is being considered for a law enforcement position. My background is not simple; I am 54 years old and have lived a diverse life.  I am an open book and I’m willing to speak to any member of my community that would like to know more about me and my qualifications to be your Constable.

I appreciate the opportunity to be considered as your elected official for the Comal County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.  Texas is my home, Comal County is my community and the people of  Precinct 4 are my neighbors and friends.   If I am given the opportunity to work for you I will work hard to make sure that the only regret you ever have is that you should have elected me sooner!







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